Your Private Time is Important and so is Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is the unit wherein you spend each day in maintaining your personal hygiene which makes it an integral aspect of your home. It is where each member of your family spends at least 1-2 hours daily. A well-made bathroom is not just important for public use but also to ensure personal hygiene and cleanliness. In fact, your bathroom is a secretively crucial space that tells your guests a lot about how you maintain yourself.

A well-maintained bathroom speaks a volumes about you..

A well-made bathroom is not just one which appeals to the eye. In fact, the meaning of the term ‘well-made’ extends to something more functional. A ‘well-made’ bathroom is one that includes easy to clean walls and tiles, contains multi-functional equipment, convenient drawer system and organised bathing tools.

Now ask yourself, does your bathroom certify the given guidelines? Are you contended with the organisation that your bathroom tends to offer? Well, if not, then here’s where you are sure to find solace in.

Your bathroom deserves a makeover!

If you are looking for a perfect bathroom makeover, here’s where you can find some of the best and most affordable methods to design an ideal bathroom for your home that not only makes it look appealing but also contains the essential elements to add convenience to your use. Each aspect of an ideal bathroom must be thoroughly considered while heading towards getting your bathroom transformed into a new one.

The ‘me’ time of your day is very important.

We at Wudbell, an exclusive interior designing venture believe that bathroom is an equally important space of your dream-home and offer some incredibly spacious and hygiene adept washrooms so that you look forward to the ‘me’ time of your day. We design every corner of a bathroom in accordance with your preference of an ideal home and its affordability.

Our team focuses on structuring a bathroom that does not only offer appeal but also enhances the easiness of maintaining it. We design furniture that come in comprehensive kinds and tiles that are absolutely easy to clean and avoids any kind of slipping. Soothing colors are also combined together to add flavors to the vibe of your bathroom, making it a lot more comfortable for you to maintain yourself in.

The magic of colors

A bathroom looks most clean and beautiful when made with soothing colors. One should always be very vigilant while selecting the perfect color for a bathroom that must mostly range from whites to greys.

We often design washrooms that come in accordance with your preferences of an ideal bathroom and thus here are a few examples to take a peek inside our work.

1. Italian marble of pearl white color: In order to enhance the beauty of your bathroom, Italian marbles of pearl white color do an incredible business. They do not just add a flavor to your stylish bathroom but also makes it look cleaner and royal. These marble walls are very easy to clean and add to the eccentricity of your washroom. We have designed a number of washrooms using Italian marble and they deliver the finest aura of all.

2. Italian Onyx for wall paneling: Another beautiful Italian design is this impeccable Italian Onyx wall paneling that is used in many washrooms to give them a fine, lavish touch. When combined with Italian marble of pearl, this wall paneling can provide an aura like never before. They give an extravagant look to the interiors of your washroom, making it cleaner and more comfortable for use.

3. Saint Cobain Glass 6 mm mirror: Saint Gobain glass mirrors are an ecstatic means of giving your washroom the finest makeover and personalizing the touch of royalty it gives. This glass mirror gives your washroom a beautiful shape and the walls look prettier and more decorated. This mirror is so well furnished that it happens to awestruck each guest who walks into your washroom, giving them a hotel experience. The length of the mirror also enables you to check upon your outfit and attempt a stunning makeover for any day out.

4. Well-functioning cabinet for storing stuff: One of the major purposes of a well-built cabinet is to store in all the bathroom essentials that one needs at all means. Our cabinet designs are structured in accordance with your preference and convenience that makes it easy to store and easy to reach out to. The cabinet is designed in such a manner that it adds incredible look to the washroom alongside allowing the washroom to look more spacious. You can store all types of bathroom essentials ranging from, towels, to Napkins and even beauty products.

If you want a lavish bathroom just like the ones you fantasise, give us a ring and we will get back to you with never-seen-before designs for your dream home.

A home is not just four walls, it’s a heartbeat and a soul that is going to stay with you forever!