Wudbell introduces you to the new ideas about kitchen interior . in this video you will get brief ideas about your modular kitchen. Wudbell is using a new hardware mechanism that helps you to make the modern kitchen as per your dreams. so while going for making interior you must watch this

Modern life”Kitchen interior technologies” and materials are described here :

  1. Stainless steel wire basket
  2. Linear led Lights
  3. Push to door open mechanism 4.
  4. Handleless falling door: Hinge with Glass and Plat racks
  5. Basic highdrolic mechanism 6.
  6. Smove mechanism: which prevent fast door closing noise
  7. Wall cabinet/ wall vanity: Heavy duty mechanism
  8. Feather-touch multi-switch: adjustable brightness mechanism
  9. Kitchen Midway: Stainless steel
  10. Hot plate
  11. Cupholder
  12. Wine glass holder
  13. Bottle Pullout – H profile handle
  14. Stainless steel – 304 grey basket
  15. Plain basket
  16. Double holder door: corner carousel
  17. First Drawer: Stainless steel Cutlery
  18. Second Drawer: cup and sauce space
  19.  Pantry Unit: 165-Degree Hinge
  20.  Tall unit: Soft opening and soft closing mechanism
  21.  Handless kitchen: Base cabinet with L profile on top
  22. Vegetable Washing Basket: With anti-skid matte