Choice of Raw Materials

Our materials will make your Beloved Wardrobe last a lifetime, which is the Wudbell promise to you. Have a particular design in mind? Let our experts know and they will help you choose the best material to meet your expectations and fit the budget as well. Elegance and Durability is our motto.

Cabinets and Shutters


The Medium Density Fibreboard is designed for cabinet doors and is ideal for finishing alongside laminate and paint. There is no compromise when it comes to strength, consistency, and the smooth edges along with High Moisture Resistant coating makes it waterproof and the best material at a cheaper cost.

Pre-Laminated Particle Board

Do you want to contribute to the cause of a Green Environment? Try our Pre-Laminated Particle Board for your new Wardrobe. It is a cost-effective material and comes at many designs and colours. You may think it will lack in durability but its flexibility and durability is the key signature. Try our signature board out in one of your Wardrobes.

MR Plywood

Worried about Damp in your own room? This plywood will help your wardrobe stay new years after years. The ply is very durable, waterproof and high temperatures or extreme use of water does not affect its rigid structure. There are a lot of textures and colours, which will look lovely in your room with matching curtains or paint on the wall.


This is the most popular choice when it comes toWudbell Wardrobes. A material, which feels just like plywood but at a lower cost. The High Density Fibreboard is termite resistant and a High Moisture Resistant coating makes it greatly waterproof than your usual Plywood.


Did you ever dream of living in a Castle of Glass? Try our new designs with Saint-Gobain Glass and expand your horizon to newer designs with clear and frosted finishes. The wall cabinets will be firmly secured in an aluminium or wooden frame. Choose the tempered quality to add more rigidness to the structure.


Scared of keeping a dressing mirror? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Presenting to you our newest innovation, Wardrobe doors made of mirror to help you look at your best. Feel amazing to try your new clothes on!

Door types

Swing door

Old is Gold! Surely, the mechanism may be old but it still looks classy. Our World Class hinges makes your Swing Doors durable and easy to operate. Try our design and we are sure your experience of Swing Doors will change for the best!

Sliding door

Want to give an oriental look to your Wardrobe? Try our Sliding Doors as they provide you with a great sense of aesthetics. We only provide you the best, and hence, Topline Sliding Door system will surely blow your mind away. The door are smoothly closed and are stress free, for you.It’s easy to slide, just like a Rollercoaster Ride!

Folding door

Want to try something new? Try the Folding Door mechanism and never get stressed while taking your clothes out. The doors fold outwards, giving you the entire space to keep your Clothing. The movement of the doors are smooth and noiseless. You also do not have to wake anyone up! Hurry; rush to your Wudbell Center and try this Wardrobe out!

Wardrobes only for Men

Did you ever think of a Wardrobe specially made for you? Well, here we are Gentlemen with a wardrobe only made for you! Have a habit of hanging all your clothes, or keep them folded on the shelves. We have all the designs that will make you love your Personalised Wardrobe. Give our designers the details and we have you covered!

Wardrobes only for Women

Why should Men have all the fun? All you ladies out there, try our Women’s only Wardrobe with better configuration and more space, made thinking about you, only. We have kept a balance between hanging space and shelf space and the modifications, which you can make will blow your mind. Choose your daily wear and dazzle everyone’s mind.

Wardrobes for the Lovebirds

Do you love your better half and want to gift her something romantic? Try our Couple’s Wardrobe, a new product that has received huge appreciation from all the lovebirds out there. We have surely divided the interiors, only to bring the two of you closer. There are numerous modules available and that will make you fall in love with your Wardrobe.

Wardrobes for the Little Ones

Are you scared of a monster living in your Closet? Try our cute range of Wardrobes, designed specifically for all the kids. Have Spiderman crawl on the doors or your Barbie putting makeup on the walls, our Wardrobes will make your kids love their room more. There is a lot of space and all the clothes are within your reach. Hurry; have a customised design for your Wardrobe!


This is the old way of keeping your clothes, but, we will revolutionize it with our Great Hardware! Try this loft and never be scared of your clothes falling down or your Loft breaking again!


Built keeping the excess clothes in mind, this mechanism of loft will help you keep excess clothes and make storage space, just by lifting a loft, and moving it upwards easily.

Maxi lift

We have given a new technology to our lifted lofts. This mechanism will help you to push the loft upwards, giving you room for your frequently used items more.

Semi-open Storage Box

Always losing on the little articles that you possess? Try this feature in your Wardrobe and never lose your precious jewellery, buttons, watches and other accessories. It has a wooden structure and combination of Open and Closed compartments, which fit perfectly in your Wardrobe for perfect use.

Multi-functional storage box

Still not happy with the Semi-open Storage Box? Try this feature in your Wardrobe and find a place for all your clothing accessories. We have you covered, whenever you need us!

Shoe Rack

Are you a shopaholic when it comes to Classy Shoes? Try our Shoe Rack and keep all your designer shoes at one place. Also, we have a little surprise for your shoe accessories. Show off your elegant shoes in style to your friends and neighbours and feel like James Bond!

Basic Trouser Rack

Want an organised trouser rack as per the use of the trouser? Try our feature in your wardrobe and keep all your trousers segregated as per your need. This rack will keep your clothes wrinkle free and ready to use at all times.


Multifunctional Trouser Rack

Use this feature to bring a style statement to your Wardrobe. With hanging rails, better compartments, and durable modules, make your Wardrobe look organised. This is the ultimate storage opportunity for your wardrobe. Keep your accessories and clothing at one place, wrinkle free and easily found.

Rattan Storage Basket

Like to keep all your belongings in a basket? We still have not forgotten this feature in your wardrobe. Keep all your t-shirts, linens, daily wear at one place. Regularly sized and shaped perfectly, this basket will help you save your time and keep you organized at the same time.

Shallow Storage Basket

Compact storage space for your clothing accessories, the basket is made of steel and allows perfect air circulation to keep your clothes clean and fresh, at the same time. This is the right basket for you!

Wire Storage Basket

The wire basket is just like a normal basket, serving your everyday purpose of keeping clothes. It is fixed in the body of the wardrobe and lets you store anything and everything. Hurry; try thi one at our retail outlet!

Multi-functional Storage Basket

Store all your clothes in this to make space for your new clothes. This will make space for you to hang clothes to keep them wrinkle free. It is evenly sized and rightly designed for your everyday need. Try this basket and forget all others for it unique design and availability in different colours.

Pull-out shelf

Just like a refrigerator, we have inducted this feature in our wardrobes. Let the shelves slide out smoothly as you keep your belongings and then, push them in! all your clothing will be visible and you can go through them before trying them on.

Hardware Accessories

Galvanisation is a technology used to harden steel and make it rust resistant. Most of our hardware are produced by top brands and the galvanised steel makes your WudbellWardrobe last longer than other wardrobes. The coating varies from nickel to chrome, based on the hardware needs as well as the exposure to moisture.

Internal modules

The modules of Wudbell is what makes it unique than other Wardrobes. Design your own module based on your needs and never let another thing worry you in your own Wardrobe. The materials make your module sturdy and rigid. Choose from the wide array of materials and hardware. Have a lot of combinations with our basic storage types, and a designated space just for your Locker! The modules can be designed by you, as well. Contact your Wudbell Designer!


Want a sleek finish to your Wardrobe? Our wardrobes come with a unique handle to look elegant in the first place. We have an entire range of handles, with different designs and colours that will give your Wardrobe a final touch, which is unparalleled. Walk into our store or browse through the online catalogue!

Closet Rods

We believe in creating space, not eating them! Our sleek rods are hardy and stylish at the same time, making your storage space look beautiful and better. You can lower the rail by pulling the rod down and it will make no changes to it.

Aluminium Closet Rod

This is used for the hanging rails, which makes you hang your clothes easily. Keep all your clothes wrinkle free and at one place, is the dream. Our engineers have made that happen and we love your appreciation for it. The rods are rounded and user friendly, at every step of it.

Add on Accessories

Not satisfied with the standard accessories? Explore a wide range of innovative accessories at your Wudbell centre and make your wardrobe as spacious as possible. Have something new in mind? Let’s see if we can make it happen! Talk to your Wudbell Designer now.