Choicest Raw materials

Our materials will make your Dream Kitchen last a lifetime and that is the Wudbell promise to you. Have a particular design in mind? Let our experts know and they will help you choose the best material to meet your expectations and fit the budget as well.

Cabinets and Shutters

Marine Ply

Kitchen is all about heat and moisture. This plywood will help your kitchen stay new years after years. The ply is very durable, waterproof and high temperatures or extreme use of water does not affect its rigid structure. There are a lot of textures and colours, which will look lovely in your kitchen.


This is the most popular choice when it comes to Modular Kitchens. A material, which feels just like plywood but at a lower cost. The High Density Fibreboard is termite resistant and a High Moisture Resistant coating makes it greatly waterproof than your usual Plywood.


The Medium Density Fibreboard is designed for cabinet doors and is ideal for finishing alongside laminate and paint. There is no compromise when it comes to strength, consistency, and the smooth edges along with High Moisture Resistant coating makes it waterproof and the best material at a cheaper cost.


Want an all Glass elegant Modular Kitchen? Try our new designs with Saint-Gobain Glass and expand your horizon to newer designs with clear and frosted finishes. The wall cabinets will be firmly secured in an aluminium or wooden frame. Choose the tempered quality to add more rigidness to the structure.


With a Quartz content close to 93%, this is, a shiny material designed by Hafele and is known for its strength and durability. You can find a whole range of colours and patterns and requires least of maintenance. The designs are like that of natural stones and is heat resistant, making it the perfect material for your Kitchen.


The strength of this material is unparalleled and so is the luxury it brings with it. Fond of aesthetics? Have a matching countertop with your backsplash to show off your perfectly coordinated kitchen to everyone. Coat it with a sealant and it becomes stain resistant in addition to resistance from scratch and heat damage.

Synethic surfaces

This is the most favoured choice due to vivid availability of colour combinations and texture. Easy to clean, resistant to stains and virtually stain resistant, this material is developed by DuPont and provides a smooth surface for your backsplash and countertop. It may not be as heat resistant as the other materials available.

Vitrified tiles

It is an option for backsplashes only. There are many colours, designs and they are available in a wide price range. Its durability, water resistance, low maintenance makes it a great choice and it is largely unsusceptible to stains.


Want the best drawers for a seamless experience? Choose from the best drawers, which are custom designed as per your need. Select a design and we will come up with options of material such as nylon, metals like aluminium, PVC and Glass, best suited as per your need.

Wire baskets

These baskets are highly durable and resistant to stains. The stainless steel of 304 grade is not susceptible to rust, corrosion and other atmospheric conditions. This is a widely accepted choice to most homeowners.


Galvanisation is a technology used to harden steel and make it rust resistant. Most of our hardware are produced by top brands and the galvanised steel makes your Wudbell Modular Kitchen last longer than other kitchens. The coating varies from nickel to chrome, based on the hardware needs as well as the exposure to moisture.


The modules of Wudbell is what makes it unique than other Modular Kitchens. Design your own module based on your needs and never let another thing worry you in your own Modular Kitchen. The materials make your module sturdy and rigid. Choose from the wide array of materials and hardware.


Want a combination of the latest open-shelf and closed-cabinet design in your modular kitchen?Take maximum advantage of this spacious ambience in various colours and designs. Use the open shelves to portray your pretty jars, framed pictures and other things that makes you personalise your Modular Kitchen.

Tall units

Mid high units


Wall cabinets

A modular kitchen is all about cleanliness and effective spacing. Use our custom designed modules and have a wall cabinet for wet plates and utensils to dry without dirtying your kitchen. These cabinets come with a multipurpose tray and a plate rack to accommodate everything. The finishing of the products are evenly matched with the design and theme of the kitchen.


Rolling shutter


Door Panel

Water filter


Wet dishes

Drawer accessories

Plate holder

Modular Kitchens are not only about modern designs but also about functional use. The Orga-Line Plate Holders are an example of such effective accessory. The holder can stack more than twelve plates inside a drawer, making your crockery break free. It is designed by Blum and lets you carry the entire Holder to the dinner table with two handles.

Cutlery tray

The Cutlery Tray is an advanced version of the Kitchen Wire basket and lets you store your entire cutlery at one place without losing them. The Stainless Steel structure helps you store your wet cutlery as well.


Blum has introduced an innovative feature in the drawers, i.e. an inner dividing system, which lets one organize the contents of a drawer in a systematic manner. The dividers are matched according to the design of the drawers and look very beautiful as well as are functional at the same time.

Wicker basket

Why miss the aesthetics by buying separate vegetable baskets? Try the Wicker Basket, which lets you store all your vegetables. The basket is designed in a rigid wooden frame and the basket is very convenient when it comes to pulling out. The design is also matched with the theme of the modular kitchen.


It is of utmost utility when it comes to a Modular Kitchen. There are various options available, which are functional as well as aesthetic at the same time.

Auto-lid dustbin

Did you ever think of an automated dustbin? Forget all the foot paddles, hand handles, and say hi to the Auto-lid Dustbin. All you have to do is open the door and the dustbin will open its lid for you. Happy Dumping!

Double bin holder

Have a joint family or many kids at your place? Try the Double Bin Holder and forget littering your Modular Kitchen. This feature also helps those who believe in recycling. All you need to do is open the door and the rest will be taken care by the Double Bin.

Detergent Holder

Does it look fussy keeping your cleaning gear by your sink? Try the Detergent Holder and use it with convenience to store all the daily requirements. The wired baskets make storage of bottles possible.


An advanced version of the Wire basket, the on top-of-the-sink strainers help you dry your utensils as well as cooking ingredients. This is a very efficient accessory for the smaller kitchens.


Hobs are what make your kitchen complete. These are available in various designs and the evenly distributed flames make cooking very easy. The number of burners vary from design and material and the gas can be supplied either through a pipeline or from a cylinder.


Well suited for the Indian Kitchens and Indian style of cooking, they can be of compact shape and can be fitted between cabinets directly over the hobs for maximum efficiency and clean kitchen. Choose from the various brands available in the market with various designs.