Build a room of joy for your little bundle of Joy!

The nine months when a woman is carrying another life inside her and waits for the happiest moment of your life, there are a billion thoughts running in her mind – And, one of those thoughts is about facilitating her child to be the happiest, mentally and physically.

Those little feet deserve the best!

It is said that the pictures, the colours and the toys that a child sees during his nurturing years leave an impact throughout his life. Which is why, a nursery should be one of the most important things that need to be taken care of before the arrival of your little bundle of joy..

And here’s the perfect to-do list for you to ensure that your toddler fumbles around freely and enjoy being at home:

  1. Colour of the room

The top three baby-friendly colours are Blue, pink or serene white. These colours don’t hurt the child’s eyes and still give a pretty look. You can even combine two colours at the same time. White walls with blue and pink colour splashes to maintain gender neutrality or a barbie pink kids bedroom with white cushions and basic furniture.

  • Wall decor

Multiple frames with symbols, shapes and alphabets would be a great idea to entice your little one. You can also add family photos for a personal touch, animal frames and even some paper art. However, make sure they are all out of the reach of your child to avoid injury and damage

  1. Basic furniture

A few basic things like a wooden rocking chair, small table without sharp edges and a basket of toys can add great knack to your kids bedroom.

  • Space

There should always be enough space for your kid to dance around, crawl or learn how to walk in the baby room. Moreover, ample space keeps the door of  advancements open as your child grows up.

Make sure that you use soft tones, textures and simple work. Adding your personal touch in the form of a  ancestral toy on the shelf or a family heirloom can also work like magic.

Your Little one is growing, and its room must ‘grow’ too!

As your child grows, you have to let go of those memories in the nursery and create new things so that your young kid settles in more comfortably. The shelves can stay but what’s in them should change. The colour can stay but the tones should change. It is during these years that family values and lessons are inculcated. Moreover, most families prefer to have all of their kids, two or three share a kids bedroom to save not only costs but ensure all round growth.

  1. Bed arrangement

The best part about beds is that they change the entire look of the room. You can use single beds for each kid in an L- shape along wall corners or three beds in a U-shape. To avoid wastage of space, go for high heighteds beds that have space for drawers at the bottom. You can store your kids books and laundry in them.

  • Study table

A major addition to the room should be a study table for each child. A comfortable chair, wooden and soft toned table with ample amount of drawers and shelves should be first priority. Add a photo frame on top or a childhood toy to keep that little wonder in them alive.

  1. Additional love

Sometimes when you have, say, a barbie pink kids bedroom and your 10 year old kid doesn’t like the colour anymore, you might need to change wall colours and add new lights and maybe a blackboard. You can add a bookshelf or a bean bag to make it cozy and comfortable.

Adding love can come in various forms for different parents. A kids bedroom during his pre-teen should have all the basics but also space for his personal taste to develop. Don’t force continuous changes and avoid drastic colour or dimension changes!

Your baby is a teen now!

The final stage before your child might leave for college is those very difficult and challenging teen years. This is the time when they should be left on their own as their tastes vary and are subject to constant change. However, as parents, you should always make them feel comfortable and not let them go overboard.

  1. Posters

Usually teens are fans of a music band, a dance group or maybe a hardcore Bollywood addict. Adding their favourite artists in the walls would not only make them happy but would also inculcate creative skills in them.

  • Extra furniture

A teens closet is their source of happiness (especially if she’s a girl!) It should have space for their clothes, their secret food stash, their uniform and dirty laundry. (Might be better to keep a laundry bag near their bed to avoid problems).  You can use high-end wall attached bookshelves in corners or small tables lamps if your kid is a night-person.

  1. Decor

A coffee mug by the bedside, a quirky colour popping dream catcher or a bright pen stand can bring life to your teen’s room. Add a lot of cushions for a comfortable sleep, a waste basket and welcoming doormat to turn the vibe more joyful

A child, right from their birth till the time they leave for college, deserve the best space for development. Every parent must find the right balance between costs and results, add the special family touch and do what feels right to them. At Wudbell, while you are already overwhelmed with the joy of the little one arriving, we will take care that his/her arrival is in the best way possible… because every child is special, and every child deserves the best!